A Brief History of Sweden

| October 29, 2017

Sweden, officially called the Kingdom of Sweden, is a Scandinavian country located in the North of Europe. It is bordered by Norway to the west and Finland to the east. Although it does not touch Denmark they are connect by a bridge to the southwest. Sweden is actually the third largest country in the European Union, if measured by area. It has a current population of 10 million people and has a very low population density of only 22 inhabitants per square kilometre. Sweden is a very popular tourist destination as it is known for being a very clean and safe country to visit.  Many, however, do not know that rich history of Sweden and all that it has gone through, here is a brief summary of Swedish history for you to browse over before heading to this gorgeous country.

Since prehistoric time Sweden has been primarily populated by Germanic people. The south has always been a more agricultural area while the north is so dense with forest that not much goes on up there beyond that. For its northerly location it actually has a relatively mild climate, with cool winters but decent summers. Sweden is currently a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy, just likes its neighbour Norway.

Sweden emerged as an independent state in the 12th and 13th century. At this time the Black Death had hit Scandinavia more harshly than other parts of Europe. About one third of the population was whipped out from this disease. Due to this the area known as Scandinavia began to divide. Sweden was then involved in the Thirty Years War and began to expand its territories this was when the Swedish Empire was formed. Until the early 18th century this was one of the great powers of Europe. Sweden has been at peace since 1814, when they fought in their last war. They now maintain a position of peace and neutrality in all foreign affairs. They remained neutral during both world wars, although they did offer humanitarian aid and took in refugees. In January of 1995 Sweden joined the European Union, they did decline NATO members ion though. They are members of the United Nations, the Nordic Council and the Council of Europe. Sweden has excelled as one of the greatest countries in the European Union. They have a universal health system that is one of the best in the world. Their education system is almost unmatched, and they are known the world around for taking exceptional care of their citizens. They have the eight highest per capita income and they also rank exceptionally high for quality of life and many other important factors that make them one of the greatest European countries to life in, if you can put up with the cold. Sweden history is brief and relatively calm compared to a lot of countries around the world. But this makes them such a unique and peaceful country to visit. You will no doubt see what a fantastic country Sweden is when you visit.

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