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| March 26, 2019

The capital of Sweden is one of the great cities of Europe, Stockholm is clean, exciting, safe and an immense amount of fun to visit. It is also full of culture, enriched in history, and surrounded by islands just waiting to be explored.

Even though for many months of the year Stockholm’s temperatures are below freezing it is very much an outdoor place. The old medieval streets are packed with quaint little cafes and outside eateries, and there are plenty of green spaces such as parks and waterfront promenades that are full of fun attractions.

Stockholm is also a very artistic place, the architecture is a mixture of traditional with modern eco-style designs and the blend is wonderful. If you like trendy bars and nightclubs, then Stockholm does not disappoint.

Getting Around  

Stockholm is one of the most compact cities in Europe so getting around is fairly easy, take a tip from the locals and rent a bike. The city is crammed full of bike lanes, so cycling around is both safe but also fun. If you are going further afield then the city has an excellent tram network that is convenient and regular.

Visit Stortoget

You must visit one of the oldest squares in the capital, Stortoget. It is where the locals gather in the old part of town to take time out and sip a hot chocolate. The tall buildings surround narrow alleys, and the bars and cafes are colorful and fun. Its a great place to just sit and watch life as it bustles all around you.

Visit Djurgarden

In keeping with the Swede’s love of the outdoors, a visit to Stockholm’s greenest island is a must. Just a short ferry ride will take you to Djurgarden which is covered in woodland and greenery. It is also home to several of Stockholm’s best attractions, such as museums and galleries. Plus, the magnificent Skansen which is an open-air museum detailing five hundred years of Swedish farmsteads and how the people lived. You can also find Abba the Museum to relive the pop years of the legendary band. 

Visit Sodermalm

If you enjoy fashion of the past then you must go to charming Sodermalm, it has a flare for everything that is retro and vintage. Nearly everywhere you look are vintage clothes shops where you can buy everything from 20’s gowns, to 70’s flares, not to mention 90’s tacky shell suits. And if you are a record collector then this is a great place to find some rare vinyl to enlarge your collection.

Eat Meatballs

Everybody knows that the Swedes love their meatballs, just take a trip to your nearest Swedish furniture store to find that out. It is the national dish of Sweden, but in Sodermalm they serve their meatballs traditionally with lingonberry jam, mashed potato and a thick meaty gravy. One of the best restaurants to eat the national dish is called Meatballs for the People located in the center of Sodermalm, it gets busy so making a booking in the evening is advisable.

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