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| January 11, 2018

Sweden is considered by a lot of people as has a heavily taxed country, but on contrary Sweden is a unique country with fascinating lifestyle. While traveling or knowing about the world, it is entertaining noticing the big and small differences in the lifestyle of different nations. The country gave us a multi-continental Viking empire and an also the cardigans Love fool. The Swedes have an excellent lifestyle that makes them one of the best countries in the world. From there well-balanced lifestyle called Logan to their unending love for curtains and socks, here are some of the Swedes lifestyle you will notice on your visit.


Lagom is regarded as a societal code of conduct in Sweden. Thou there is no direct translation of the word, the word is often translated to mean appropriate, in moderation, just enough, not too little or too much. Swedes use the Lagom principles in almost all aspect of their lives. It is used in their apartments and home by re-organizing their living spaces, donating useless or unwanted objects to charity and getting new ones replacing them to have a balanced home. The Lagom is perfect for living appropriately without having to the extreme or show extreme displays of emotions. Everyone could benefit from this remarkable lifestyle by continually pushing to achieve a stable center.


The Swedes are always known to respect time regardless of the occasion, either you are going for an interview or just attending a social gathering. Meetings will start on time whether or not you are there. The Swedish train will move whether all the passengers are on board or not. Punctuality is something the Swedes never compromise.


During the summer, the Swedes party all through the day although it depends on your location and when you want to party. The country hugely benefits from long-hours of daylight during the summer especially in the northern edge where there is sunlight for up to 24 hours during the mid-summer.


In Sweden, there are very few, or no fences and the ones that are present are only for decoration purposes and may not even be able to keep dogs. Sweden’s, unlike other countries, have the Right of Public Access called Allemansratten. The public access culture gives everyone the chance to enjoy Sweden’s outdoors and roam around freely even on private land, to camp overnight or just to pick berries and mushrooms. All year round, there is always an outdoor activity to enjoy regardless of the weather. However, the right to public access comes with responsibility like protecting others property and ensuring that you don’t destroy flowers or faunas.



It’s a customary practice in Sweden to always take off shoes when entering private residences in Sweden. Some say it is because a lot of Swedes spend a lot of time outdoors and are prone to drag in dirt, others say it is a sign of respect for the home. Whichever reason you choose to believe, don’t forget to take off your shoes when you are entering a Swedish resident or home.

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