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| January 3, 2018

Sweden is an emerging culinary destination. Sweden is now reinventing itself as a favorite culinary destination. The country offers a creative, beautiful culinary experience in high-quality restaurants, bars, cafes, gastro-pubs and other eateries to satisfy every wallet and pocket. The stylish locations provide a good range of modern and traditional cuisine made with fresh ingredients. Sweden recently upgraded its culinary scene by increasing the quality of food travel and food experiences. If you know the right places to go, you will be guaranteed to get a stellar experience. Here are few of the best restaurants in Sweden that offers a reasonable taste of the excellent cuisine of the city.


Founded by Claes Grannsjo, the nook takes inspiration from different parts of the world with a taste of North Korea, the country of the veteran’s birth. The niche is the perfect place if you are looking to get an international cooking experience. Their menu offers Korean blood sausage coupled with fresh Swedish dishes such as Parmesan, Sardella, egg, groan artor, as well as sardines, cod with egg and peas. The Diners can choose different menus, or individual dishes that rely on excellent taste of the chef would be a tantalizing idea. The restaurant, located at Nook, 176 Asogatan Stockholm Sweden.


Regarded as one of the top 50 restaurants in the world by the Restaurant magazine. Oaxenestablished on a remote island outside Stockholm. Founded by Agneta Green and Magnus Ek, they have moved to a more accessible location in the city. The Krog is a top class dining side, but its adjoining Slip is quite fun and affordable, serving what is called the Nordic bistro food. The Krog uses wild herbs form the Djurgarden and its kitchen needing sustainable agriculture, ingredients and good animal husbandry. You can enjoy a delicate riding, smoking arctic char from Pitea or grilled pork chops coupled with crispy rind in slip’s large, anchovy butter, bright dining hall with hanging boats from the ceiling and a chatty, friendly service. The restaurant earned its second star in the Michelin Guide in February 2015. One of their classic, favorite dish is the pig’s head with juicy, crispy outside meat.



Meatballs for the people are home to most Swedish dishes and are regarded more like a deli than a restaurant. The Meatballs is a perfect place to get a feel of how the mighty kottbulle (meatball) as it should be eaten appropriately. The taste of meatball here is a thousand miles different from the mass-produced dumplings sold in supermarkets and malls. Hampus Rosenqvist, the founder, and his team make a kottbulle that’s lovingly handmade from an excellently sourced game, fowl, meat, and fish. You can also try out their moose meatballs with fennel seeds and dill, combined with mashed potato, lingonberry jam, cream sauce and pickled cucumber. The meals at the meatballs offer a right combination for a reasonable amount and also allow the filling meal to take out and cook at home.

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