Classic Food to Try While in Sweden

| May 28, 2018

Sweden is very well-known for amazing landscapes and fun winter activities. Many people imagine this country as being a great fish consumer but there are many specialties that don’t involve this type of food. The Swedish cuisine was influenced by many other cultures and it can be considered the perfect mixture of all the Nordic cultures. There are countless traditional recipes suitable for every taste and Sweden is full of traditional restaurants. Finding some classic Swedish dishes can be quite difficult because the cuisine modified in order to suit the international one. We have listed some of the best classic dishes to try while being in Sweden in order to make your stay here even more interesting.

The Classics


Kanelbulle is considered by many the traditional food of Sweden. It is a delicious cinnamon bun that is served all year round in the coffee shops and restaurants. This is the source of inspiration for all the international variations. The dish was served for a very long time in Sweden and it is definitely worth trying. If you are a lover of sweets, this is the perfect choice for you.

Toast Skagen

Toast Skagen is the Swedish variation of the prawn cocktail. This dish is very light and delicious. It consists of peeled prawns served with many fresh vegetables. The combination is then beautifully laid on a toast piece in order to give this dish some texture. The history of this dish is still very disputed, and the debate begun sometimes in the late 50’s. But if you want it served in a restaurant, you can simply request a Toast Skagen.

Other delicacies

Herring is the main fish served in the Baltic sea countries. The waters here are swarming with this kind of fish, so it is natural to find it in countless dishes. The variations are amazing, and you can find herring incorporated in breakfast, appetizers and main dishes. There are also many snacks that have this kind of fish. It was scientifically proven that it has many benefits for the health, so the Swedish keep consuming it in large quantities. Some of the best serving options are smoked or pickled herring. It may not sound very appealing, but the taste is simply amazing.

Kottbullar are basically meat balls served with a lot of sauce. They are a perfect choice for almost every meal of the day. The sauce makes this dish amazing and you fill often find many variations that imply serving it with bread or other side dishes. It is a very good meal that can be found anywhere in Sweden. It is also very light so if you know that you can’t handle the herring, you can try this.

The Swedish Fish soup is amazing even for people that are not great fish fans. The way of cooking makes the fish to melt in the mouth and gives this dish an amazing taste. It is very easy to find, and it is also served all year round.

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