Classic Swedish Style and How to Mimic It

| April 8, 2018

Sweden is one of the most beautiful countries in Northern Europe and it is well-known for the laid-back style. There are many influences in the Swedish style and the best word to describe it is relaxed. No matter if we are talking about clothing or home design, everything has to give the feeling of coziness and the most important thing, it has to be comfortable. We are talking about the country that gave H&M to the world.

We can observe in the classic collections from this company that the main purpose of the clothes was to be functional and comfortable. Copying the Swedish style is not a difficult task. We have listed some tips that will help you adopt this style in the blink of an eye.


The fashion stores are quite difficult to find here because most of the people are focused on having comfort in their clothes. You will find very few high-fashion brands in the malls. Another thing that Swedes do is to go to second-hand shops. The people here are focused a lot on efficiency, so buying the latest trends seems useless for many. This is why you can find many second-hand shops and flea markets. In other countries you will see not so rich people shopping here, but in Sweden you can’t really tell who is an average person and who’s a CEO.

The Swedes love to ride their bikes. These people are focused a lot on the health and fitness. You will see that there are many cities that banned cars completely but made major infrastructure changes for the bikes. You will see all the people riding bikes. This is another thing that adds glamor to the Swedish style: no matter what, you have to be relaxed. Even near big companies you will often see the CEO parking spot empty because that person probably came on a bike.

Layering is very important in the Swedish street fashion. You will see men and women wearing many overlaid pieces of clothing that give them a very cozy and relaxed vibe. Over-sized jumpers are a great fashion choice that will make you feel like a local. They also enjoy wearing converse.


If Sweden had a national footwear brand, converse will take the first place. This is because they like to be comfortable and these shoes are also very versatile. Instead of buying 5 pairs of different pumps, Swedish women often prefer having a good pair of black converse. Speaking of black, this is one of the main colors you will see in clothing. And this is because it is a very versatile color that can be combined with many different pieces of clothing.

Go back to the vintage. The latest Swedish trends suggest a very string come-back of the vintage fashion. You can see that the second-hand shops start to fill with vintage clothing in order to respond to this need. You don’t have to dress like this from head to toe. Small details are essential in Swedish fashion.

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