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| January 21, 2018

Leisure is highly valued in Sweden, and a lot of people are involved in several activities outside their workplace and school. If you are looking to get entertainment or you have an individual leisure pursuit, you have higher chances of widening your circle by meeting new people at the same time as having fun. Different cities in Sweden offer a massive range of entertainment facilities this includes cinemas, theaters, restaurants, and bars. The country is known for it’s pop superiority for decades now; it is one of the countries where one can enjoy pop in all it’s components. Here are some of the best entertainment activities right now in Sweden.


Situated in Normal Stockholm, the Royal Operan is a perfect go to enjoy the best of classical music. At the Operan you will experience thunderous tenors, classical ballet and sparkling sopranos. It is the ideal place for you to enjoy a fun evening and there are sometimes lunchtime concerts for a small amount that includes Light Lunch.


Often described by its substantial white spherical building, this fantastic building looks like a giant golf ball. Globen is located just south of Sodermalm and the building host several big-name pop artist, rock concerts, as well as trade fairs and sporting events. A visit to the Globen can never be annoying due to the high quality of rock concerts, live music held and also the sporting events and trade fairs. If you a looking to get a great view of the city, you can take a ride up the building inside the Skyview to enjoy the spectacular sight of the country from the mini-globe.


Stampen is your perfect sport if you are a passionate lover of jazz and blues. Stampen regarded as one of the country’s music club. With incredibly live jazz and blues for up to six nights a week. The most captivating event is the free blues jam that fascinates everyone from the music legend to the local noodles. Stop by the Stampen to enjoy entertaining live performances and also connect with people with similar interest like you.


Dramaten is a royal theatre located in Ostermalm & Ladugardsgarde. The theatre stages a wide range of plays in a well-conditioned environment. You can enjoy well-scripted plays acted by the best talent from all over Europe. You can also take an escorted tour by 4 pm, and you can book the visit online. You can even check out discounts on tickets because ticket prices may be halved an hour before the show time if you can afford the risk. The building has up to five houses stages; the first arena can accommodate up to 77000 spectators.

Dramaten royal theatre


Katalin, located in a former warehouse just before the train station hand it hosts various regular jazz and blues with pop bands and the occasional rock. There is also a good restaurant if you are willing to eat without having to leave the Katalin.

Sweden is filled with fun things to do next time your there head to one of these top places for entertainment!

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