Great Things to Do in Gothenburg

| January 17, 2019

Gothenburg is Sweden’s second largest city, and the fifth largest in all Scandinavia. It is a simply beautiful place, located by the famous Kattegat its harbor is stunning with many beautiful tall sailing ships moored there throughout the year. There are plenty of things to do and great places to see in this jewel of a Nordic city, and in this blog we highlight some of the very best.

Liseberg Amusement Park

If you and your family enjoy a traditional amusement park, then Liseberg is just for you. Entering the park a giant bunny looks down at you, as this is the park’s emblem and sort of depicts what this amusement park is all about.

There are some old traditional carousels alongside more modern head-spinning rides, and Liseberg is perfect for young kids as well as adults. There are also great places to eat and drink, and unusually they serve alcohol! The best times to go are at Halloween and Christmas when the park takes on the themes of the period.

Gothenburg Museum of Art

One thing that you first notice about Gothenburg is that it is orderly, the architecture is perfect and its citizens are  highly proud of their hometown. It also has a very classical outlook on life, with many Nordic artists, musicians and architects hailing from Gothenburg.

So it is hardly surprising that there are many fine galleries and museum dotted about the city, and one of the best is The Museum of Art. Specializing in contemporary art of the day, the Museum has a distinct Nordic profile with many examples of Nordic painting since the turn of the 1900 Century. There are also many examples of European art with works by, Lousie Nevelson, Henry Moore, and Pablo Picasso.

The Gothenburg Archipelago

Gothenburg has a long maritime history, and strong connections with the sea that you can see everywhere in the city. It is impossible to visit Gothenburg without getting out in a boat and exploring the coast. The marvelous Gothenburg Archipelago is the perfect way to discover Gothenburg, just seeing the towering cliffs and the quaint fishing villages tells the tale of these hardy people. The archipelago actually stretches along the coast like a discarded string of pearls, it provides nature at its most savage beauty and there are opportunities for sea-fishing, seal safaris and great sight-seeing boat trips. 

Christmas in Gothenburg

Like most of Scandinavia, Gothenburg really likes to celebrate the Christmas festival and all that entails. Winter in this part of the world is dark, and in the extreme north the sun does not even rise for weeks. That is why the Nordic people invented julmys to cheer themselves up.

It is a combination of traditional Christmas cheer and Nordic traditions that go back to ancient times. And Gothenburg is one of the favorite places in Scandinavia to celebrate this unique festive period. If you are traveling anytime between the end of November to January the 6th you can partake in all the fun and festivities, and throw yourself into a very warm welcome.   

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