Stockholm’s Museums Best Suited For Kids – Travelling to Sweden

| November 12, 2019

Travelling with kids can be a tough trip for the grownups when they are not able to fulfil the fun demands of a child. However, the country that brings a new meaning to design is focused on caring for children as much as it fascinates the adults. There is endless fun available for all the family to enjoy in Sweden along with educative locations like gorgeous museums that kids will love here. Here are some of the best of the best museums that kids can enjoy in Sweden.

Stockholm's Museums Best Suited For Kids - Travelling to Sweden
Stockholm’s Museums Best Suited For Kids – Travelling to Sweden


Have you ever heard of Pippi Longstocking? The famous children’s book character was brought to life by Astrid Lindgren and is better known as Pippi Langstrump amongst the Swedes. The Junibacken is devoted to the author of the rebellious and cheeky character along with all other works that she has released. All her famous characters and works from her children’s books and kept alive at the Junibacken and every age is bound to have fun. The little kids will love the Story Train at the museum that is the most exciting part of the place. Being a highly interactive place, you can be sure that several skills are tapped into and developed through this museum.

The National Museum of Science and Tech

Science and technology is always a big hit amongst the children and the adults too, and this one does not disappoint. There are over 100 innovations that are showcased at this museum. Sweden is a country that is famous for its incredible innovations in the design of minimalistic things, and this museum is a reflection of all things technology-related and Swedish. The 4-D cinema here is one of the best you will find. Be prepared to be both inspired as well as engaged after a day at this museum.


In the year 1981, the Skansen was founded and is known to be the first-ever open-air museum in the world. It has living history at its heart and consists of over five centuries of history of all things Swedish, Historical buildings and homesteads are features here. If you are looking for a workshop that is related to something as unique as glassblowing, then this is the place that you want to be. Both kids and adults will have a great time enjoying the fresh air and the educational offering of the Skansen.

The Toy Museum of Stockholm

Every kid who visits Stockholm would want to visit the toy museum. It is simply the right of passage for a child to visit this museum that is filled with the brim with dolls and dollhouses, peepshows, trains and all things toy-related. Kids who come here can take a look at the stuff that kids from the past played with, while the grownups can revel in the nostalgic feeling from their childhood. A café and gift shop is also available at the toy museum and is a perfect way to wrap up a day at the toy museum in Sweden.

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