The Best Coffee Shops in Stockholm You’ve Got to Try Out

| April 25, 2018

Sweden is known for being a very friendly and cheerful country. It is the perfect place for a nice, relaxed vacation. Stockholm is the capital city and has something to offer for everybody, no matter the budget. Swedish people are very sociable, so you will find many coffee shops in which you will see them starting the day or relaxing in the afternoon. Many people don’t know that Sweden has a very long coffee import history that established the culture of coffee. There are so many cool places that the choice can sometimes be very difficult. We have listed some of the best coffee shops in Stockholm in order to make your stay here even more pleasant.

Snickarbacken 7

This is a very beautiful coffee shop situated in a building that dates back from the 19th century. The high ceilings and Gothic influence make this place perfect for a relaxed coffee break or a business meeting. The place offers a very wide range of coffees and the bakery is simply amazing. You will find many traditional bakery dishes like the cinnamon bun that come to complement the amazing coffee.

Drop Coffee

The perfect place for true coffee lovers. The place has an amazing barista that managed to win The Barista of the Year title. She has amazing roasting and brewing skills that make this place so popular. There are even coffee critics that often visit this place in order to have a good cup of coffee. The beans are brought from all over the world, so you are guaranteed to have top quality coffee. The atmosphere is very pleasant and comes to complement the amazing taste of the coffee.


This is the perfect place to go if you like to have your coffee in a beautiful interior. The design was made by a famous company from Sweden and it combines the traditional Swedish architecture with some Spanish décor elements. The coffee is extremely good, and the halloumi salad is here to complement the amazing taste. The coffee shop is also situated near the water, so you can also enjoy an amazing view.

Kafe 44

Owned and run by a non-profit organization that focuses on the arts. You will find many cultural events if you go here and the local artists often gather to this coffee shop to discuss new ideas. The atmosphere is very cozy, and the coffee is truly tasty. If you like unique places that gather amazing people, this cafe is perfect for you.

Flickorn Helin Voltaire

This is the perfect place if you want to have a coffee in a royal atmosphere. The coffee shop is situated inside a historical building that resembles a castle. The interior design is truly amazing, and the service will make you feel like royalty. The place also offers a wide variety of bakery products that perfectly complement the cup of coffee. The place is situated next to many touristic attractions, so it is perfect for a break.

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