Things to Do and See in Malmo

| May 22, 2019

Many people who visit Sweden either head to the capital Stockholm or beautiful Gothenburg, but there is far more to this varied and interesting country than the two major cities. Often ignored by tourists Malmo is certainly worth a visit.

It is the third largest city in Sweden and it is a great gateway to the other parts of Central Europe as it is connected by the magnificent Oresund bridge to Copenhagen. In Malmo you can see the oldest public park in the world and find the tallest building in Sweden, as well as discovering these other great attractions.

Malmohus Castle

Malmohus Castle should be your very first port of call, this wonderful renaissance building is one of Malmo’s most popular attractions. The castle was originally built in 1436 and was constructed as a small citadel, but this early building was destroyed in the Skane uprisings.

The history of this old part of Scandinavia is littered with conflict between the Swedes and the Danes, and the castle was at the heart of many battles and disputes, so much so that it had to be rebuilt several times. Today the castle is home to the Tropicarium, Natural History Museum, and the Museum of Art.

Folkets Park

Head to Folkets Park for a real great family day out. It is actually the oldest public park in the world and has many green areas littered with ponds that you can relax and take things easy. For the kids there is also a great amusement park with fun rides to suit everybody.

At wintertime, the large wading pool freezes over and is converted into an ice rink, and the park is full of food and drink stalls selling hot chocolate and other warming dishes. The best part is that it is totally free to enter the park.

The Stortorget

Sweden is famous for its great old public squares and the largest in Malmo is the Storget. Originally built in 1530 it forms the most popular meeting place in the city. The square is surrounded by important buildings such as the Kramer Hotel, City Hall, and the former mayor’s residence of the 16th Century, Jorgen Kock. Other significant buildings include, the glorious Neo-Renaissance of Apoteket Lejonet, and the statue of King Karl Gustav X astride his horse.

Torso Tower

Towering over the rest of Malmo is the Turning Torso Tower and is the tallest skyscraper in Sweden at 190 meters high. The remarkable design is by respected architect Santiago Calarava twists ninety degrees from base to summit. Standing proud looking out over the western harbor, the tower seems a little out of place like an alien giant that has just landed. But you cannot help but to admire its futuristic design and construction.

Malmo is a great place to visit for a tourist, it is small enough to get around easy but large enough to offer great places to eat and drink. As well as the above, take time out to visit Oresund Bridge, Malmo Art Gallery, St Peter’s Church, the Kungsparken, and the Lilla Torg.

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