Two Great Spas in Sweden

| November 22, 2017

Those who have been to Sweden will testify that spas are hugely popular. The spa is one place you can visit to rest, relax and take some time off the stress of life. As we seek more ways to make life comfortable, the spas of today have improved from just a place of rest and relaxation to a wonderful hideout where you can go to witness magical moments. Spas in Sweden offer these moments, you can visit a spa in far north and bath under the midnight sun. there are spas hidden under the amazing landscapes of southern Sweden for cool magical moments. You can even find great places to bath and unwind in the heart of Sweden.

The Swedish people are known for their extravagant leisure time and spa visits. You will always find people in spas houses relaxing inside a wood-fired sauna or taking a dip in a cold lake. There are so fond of taking out time to treat themselves to a weekend of luxury or having a group retreat in a countryside traditional spa. So, if you find yourself in Sweden, get ready to enjoy wellness in the “Swedish style”. We bring to you too amazing spas where you can relax whenever you find yourself in Sweden.

The Ribersborgs Kallbadhus, Malmo

One of the amazing highlights of this spa is its location. It is placed right on fancy water, with the entire area blending effortlessly with its surrounding. One amazing feature is that you can step out of the sauna and with just a few steps, take a dip in the water. This spa has two male, two female and one mixed gender sauna. The two male saunas offer separate temperatures, one has a temperature around 80 degrees while the other offers a temperature of about 90 degrees. The spa is designed with a number of pier walkways and little cabins if you feel like exploring its surrounding. The spa is simply beautiful. If you are looking to spend few hours off from the bustling Swedish life and soak up the traditional Swedish life, then this is the right place to be.

Upper House Spa, Gottenburg

The upper house spa is located at the 19th floor of the upper house hotel and combines with a gym centre fitted with decent workout equipment, this spa is a luxuries hideout built for visitors who want to have a good time while they are on business, work trips or even honeymoons. The spa has well-sized pools where you can take a cold dip after slugging up inside the 38 degrees warm saunas scattered around the spa. You can also enjoy Turkish baths with special soaps and hose pipes if you are looking to have fun to splash water with your partner.

The major highlight of this spa is the 19th-floor outdoor swimming pool that has a transparent undercover and is suspended above the main entrance. This pool always amuses passers-by and if you think you are brave enough, come and try taking a dip in this breathtaking water.

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