Unknown Places to Explore in Sweden

| December 10, 2017

Sweden is for sure one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. It has unique picturesque landscapes dotted with fiords and tiny cities. Its icy cold winters give birth to amazing views and the untouched nature is every hikers dream. The history of this country goes back to times hard to remember. Its culture and traditions are abundant and easy to find. We have listed some of the best and least known places to visit in Sweden in order to give you a true, authentic experience. Lapland is the perfect place to visit if you like nature. The best time of visiting is during the winter when the forest is frozen, and animals are easier to observe. Northern lights can also be observed in some nights. This place is a true winter fairy tale.

Jokkmokk is located in northern Sweden, way above the Arctic Circle. It is the place where Sweden’s indigenous people called the Sami have roamed for centuries. You can also find the World Heritage site Laponia. The small town is known for the Winter Market where you can shop for traditional Sami handmade products or enjoy local food. Jokkmokk Alpine Garden is the perfect place to observe local alpine plants gathered all together. The region is full of hiking routes suitable for those who like to enjoy nature.

Gothenburg archipelago offers attractions for every taste. The northern archipelago is more modern and allows ferries and cars while the southern part is suitable for those who want to feel more secluded. No cars are allowed in the southern part of the archipelago. You can go on seal-safaris or oyster shucking while admiring a true wonder of the nature.

Kabnekaise is Sweden’s tallest mountain with two peaks. The southern peak, which is glaciated, is 2097.5 meters and the northern peak, which is not glaciated, is 2096.8 meters high. The peaks offer breath-taking views and are closely connected to some very popular hiking trails. During winter time it is advised to avoid climbing the mountain if you are a beginner. Fatal accidents are something these peaks are seeing way too often. Kalmar Castle can be found in the city of Kalmar. It has been inhibited for at least 800 years and it is located in the ancient province of Smaland. The castle was built in the 13th century and reinforced in the 16th century. It is considered one of the most beautiful examples of northern European fortifications during Renaissance.

The tree hotel is the childhood dream turned to reality. This hotel can be found in Harads and it is composed of several themed tree houses located between four and six meters from the ground. The rooms can house from four to six people and the entire hotel was designed to integrate perfectly with the nature. From the reflection room to the UFO, you can now life your childhood dream of living in a tree house. Sweden is going to keep surprising us with its breath-taking landscapes and the historical rich landmarks in the years to come.

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